How to Stake?

1. Download Daedalus Wallet

Click the button below to download, Daedalus has Mac, Windows and Linux versions.

2.1 If you do not have a wallet, create one

Click on Create to create a new wallet. Set up your spending password. You will also be given 24 word seed phrase, rememeber them and protect them!  

2.1 If already have a wallet, restore it

Click restore,enter your 24 word seed phrase and restore your wallet on Daedalus

3. Click on the network icon

4. Click on Delegate

5. Search for FIKA

6. Enter spending password

After selecting FIKA, Daedalus will ask you for your spending password. Enter the password and confirm.

7. Success!

Now you are successfully delegating to FIKA pool. A safe, high-performing and honest pool! 


Staking is safe, no matter which pool you delegate to. 

You are using your right to delegate to a pool which is a separate thing from the right for transferring Ada. Your Ada never leaves your wallet when staking. 

Worse case scenario is you’re not receiving any rewards, which is essentially the same as not staking. You will not lose any Ada by staking. 

To put it simply- Is free money with no risk worth it? 

When staking, you delegate your Ada to a pool to earn more Ada, currently the average annual return is about 5.5%. 

Be careful not to download a fake Daedalus, or fake Yoroi wallet. Always make sure your downloads are from the official websites. 

Yes. You will be able to atransfer your Ada whenever you want when staking. There’s no lock-up period.