Stake with Fika

A Simple Step by Step Guide on Cardano Staking

Step 1

Buy Ada on Exchange

Buy Cardano Ada from trusted exchanges such as Binance, CoinBase, Kraken. 

Step 2

Download Official Wallets

Download official Ada wallets Daedalus and Yoroi from official sources.

Step 3

Create A Shelley Wallet

After downloading Daedalus or Yoroi, click create new wallet- create Shelley wallet. Keep your seed phrase and spending password safe. 

Step 4

Move Ada to Wallet

Send the Ada you bought from exchange to the Shelley wallet you just created. You can do so by simply copying and pasting the Shelley wallet receiving address. 

Step 5

Go to Staking/Delegating in Wallet

After receiving Ada from the exchange, go back to your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet, click Staking/Delegating option in the wallet

Step 6

Find Fika and Stake

Search for Fika pool, after that click Stake/ Delegate. Confirm by entering spending password, now you are staking with Fika, congratulations!